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 NO SMALL CHANGE (somewhat inaccurate and premature portrayal of role of women
 activists in the Eaton's strike in the Toronto area, 1984-5; interprets strike
 as victory for women (which it was in terms of political awakening for the
 activists) but does not deal with the reasons why a majority of women did not
 support the strike nor with the defeat of the Retail, Wholesale, and
 Department Store Union, since merged with the UFCW in the US and USWA in
 WIVES' TALE (excellent in-depth look at wives committee organizing in support
 of the USWA Inco strike in Sudbury, Ontario, circa 1978)
                                 Carl Cuneo  - Cuneo@MCMAIL.CIS.MCMASTER.CA
 PULLMAN:  The following three films, made in the mid 1980's, are discussed in
 a superb article by Janice Reiff and Susan Hirsch, "Pullman and Its Public:
 Image and Aim in Making and Interpreting History" which appeared in The Public
 Historian, Vol. 11, No. 4 (Fall 1989) page 99-112.
 MILES OF SMILES: YEARS OF STRUGGLE, by Jack Santino, 59 min, color, 1982,
 Benchmark Films, 145 Scarborough Rd., Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510.  See book
 of same title by same author.
 Available from the Illinois Labor History Society, 28 E. Jackson Boulevard,
 Chicago Ill, 60604.
 THE LAST PULLMAN CAR, 53 min., color, 1984, available from New Day Films,
 22 Riverview Drive, Wayne, NJ 07470.  See also "The Last Pullman Car:
 A Study Guide" (Chicago: Dartemquin Films, Ltd., 1985).
 - - -
 WORKING FOR YOUR LIFE covers working women and their problems and struggles to
 correct workplace hazards.  Filmed in over 40 workplaces, the film interviews
 injured workers, including a women who lost her finger in an industrial
 accident and another who has asbestos-related disease.  Sterilization of women
 workers is discussed. Unlike many health and safety films, this one points out
 that organization is one of the best ways to protect one's health.  55 minutes
 color, directed by Andrea Hricko and Ken Light.
 MARIA is a Canadian film similar to NORMA RAE and is about labor organizing.
 MAN OF IRON is Wajda's award-winning film on the Polish Union Solidarity.
 PROUD VALLEY with Paul Robson takes place in a Welsh coal mining town.
 Robson and fellow workers are trapped in the mine due to a cave-in. 1939.
 REBELLION IN PATAGONIA is an Argentine film about the Argentine military's
 suppression of the 1920's strike in Patagonia.  Directed by Hector Olivera.
 1974, 107 min, color.   Spanish with English subtitles.
 THE WILLMAR 8 is about a 3 year struggle by 8 women workers at a Minnesota
 bank who filed wage and sex discrimination charges, formed a union, and
 finally went on strike. 1980, 55 min, color.  For background see J. Amato
 et al, "Year of the Line: Women's Strike Against the Citizen's National Bank
 of Willmar, Minnesota" PROGRESSIVE, Vol. 43 (Feb. 1979), page 41.  
 MATEWAN centers around the Matewan, West Virginia boarding house run by 
 hard working widow lady Elma Radnor and her 13 year old son, the film's 
 narrator.  Former Wobby Joe Kenehan, now an organizer for the UMW, 
 unobstrusively rides into town on a passenger train.  Along the way he 
 encounters black coal miner Few Clothes, played by James Earl Jones.  
 Tension builds, as the Mingo County Coal Wars of 1920 develops.  SMILIN' 
 SID, a UMW short filmed at the time, and named for participant Sid 
 Hatfield of the Hatfield-McCoy feud is not now available since the coal 
 companies stole the last remaining print.  Writer and director John 
 Sayles, in his book "Thinking of Picture: The Making of the Movie 
 Matewan" (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1987) includes the shooting 
 script and provides a wealth of information and photographs for 
 publicity.  Also useful is Pat Aufderheide, "Coal Wars: On Location with 
 John Sayles" Mother Jones, Aug/Sept 1987, page 25-29 and 44-45.  For 
 historical background see local journalist Lon Savage's, "Thunder in the 
 Mountains: The West Virginia Mine War of 1920-21" (Pittsburgh: University 
 of Pittsburgh Press, 1990).  The movie was made in 1987, 132 minutes, color.  
                                 Ted Werntz -
 Suggested labor films that need write-ups include:
    Norma Rae
    9 to 5
    Killing Floor
    Salt of the Earth
 Rosie the Riveter, 
 With Babies and Banners, 
 I Am Somebody, 
 Call Me Sister Call Me Brother, 
 The Inheritance, 
 The Grand Army of Starvation, 
 The Road to Haymarket,  
 Strength Through Struggle, 
 Engines of Change, 
 Bullet Bargaining at Ludlow, 
 Matewan, to name a few.  
 You should also ask the AFL-CIO in D.C. for a catalogue and 
 contact some of the International unions as well.  The UAW has 
 a number of good films for instance 
                         Joan Hac - JAHAC00@UKCC.UKY.EDU
 Working for Your Life, about workplace health hazards
 Union Maids about 3 women organizing in the thirties
 Signed, Sealed and Delivered about the 1978 postal strike
 Maria, a Canadian film about organizing
 Black Fury with Paul Muni about 1928 Pennsylvania coal miners
 The Organizer with Marcello Mastroianni
 Hospital Strike was the first film from 1199
 How Green Was Our Valley, made from the book
 Proud Valley with Paul Robeson
 Modern Times with Charlie Chaplin
 Burn by Gillo Pontecorvo, about life in a Caribbean sugar colony
 Rebellion in Patagonia, about a 1920's strike in Argentina
 Man of Iron about the Polish Solidarity movement
 And Women Must Weep, an anti-union film
 Anatomy of a Lie, a response to the above by the IAM
 My favorite film, other than Matewan, is Adalaid 31,
 about the start of the 1931 Swedish General Strike.
 This movie is in Swedish, with English sub-titles,
 but much of the movie, especially the dramatic parts,
 doesn't use dialog, so there is no need for sub-titles
 during these scenes.
                         Ted Werntz -
 Other films from the Labor and Social History Project associated with
 Who Built America, including their new one that just won an award,
 "Heaven Can Help the Working Girl" (this might not be quite the title),
 Wilmar 7 for office workers, 
 film on Hormel Strike by Barbara Koppel (American Dream?), 
 Roger and Me, 
 Women on the Global Assembly Line,
 "American Experience" on PBS has a catalogue of films: one was 
 on Chicano miners, one on Geromino. 
 Lynn Goldfarb has a film on nurses organization and she also 
 did a documentary on child labor for Turner broadcasting; you 
 can reach her in LA (I may have her home address if you contact 
                         Eileen Boris - Eileen.Boris@Helsinki.Fi
 Film and Video Distributors
 THE LABOR VIDEO PROJECT: a non-profit project for labor education &
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