List of Union BBSs
    Union Bulletin Board Systems in the U.S. and Canada
                        December 1, 1992

    Below is a list of union sponsored and/or related computerized
bulletin board systems.  All phone numbers are for data
communications and all settings are 8,N,1 unless otherwise noted.

A.)  Union Affiliated or Related Systems

1.  Labor Line  301/431-0534  Sysops - John Griffin, Chuck Hodell,
and Steve White

Carries AFL-CIO News and info from other AFL-CIO departments.
Based at the George Meany Center for Labor Studies, Silver Spring,
Maryland.  Labor Line is an outgrowth of the Union PC Users Group,
a volunteer group in the Washington, DC area interested in sharing
information on how unionist use computers.  They use PC Board
software, with a 2400 baud line.

2.  AFSCME  202/429-1118  Sysop - Don Holstrom

This BBS is based at AFSCME's headquarters in Washington, DC and is
part of AFSCME's service to local union news services. There are
many good files and programs and it looks like this will become an
excellent BBS.

3.  AFSCME Council 24  608/274-8190  Sysop - Allen Highman

A well established BBS of the Wisconsin State Employees
Association.  One of the longest running union BBS's.

4.  AFGE  202/639-6496  Sysop - John W. Mulholland

Another BBS run by a national union in Washington, DC.  AFGE has
made a very serious effort to build a BBS.  There are many good
files and a variety of areas of discussion.  They use RBBS software
with a 2400 baud line.

5.  IBEW Local 1220  708/292-1223  Sysop - Bob Kastigar

A very active board run by IBEW Local 1220 in Chicago.  Has been on
line for over two years.  Is a member and active supporter of the
Solidarity Network.

6.  LaborNet  312/567-5036  Sysop - Loren Jones Esq.

LaborNet is a sub-board of Juris/Net a service of IIT Chicago-Kent
College of Law.  This BBS had some problems with software but now
seems to be working fine, however I have never seen much activity.
It is supported by the Illinois State AFL-CIO's BBS.

7.  NABET International  312/427-5454  Sysop - Bill Bryan

This is a very active BBS in Chicago that really has come to life
since Bill Bryan came on board.  Runs PC Board software and two
2400 baud lines.  There is an 800 number for NABET members.

8.  NABET Local 43  313/424-8585  Sysop - Brian Moore

Based in Detroit, Local 43 has the nicest logon screen I've ever
seen.  It appears that this BBS is aimed more at general PC users
and acts as a union BBS as a secondary function.

9.  SoliNet

Initial Contact Voice Only  613/237-1590  Sysop - Marc Belanger

The largest of all the union systems, SoliNet is run by the
Canadian Union of Public Employees, (CUPE), headquartered in
Ottawa, Ontario.  It has extensive conference areas and is used
across Canada by CUPE members and other unionists.  Access is
through Datapac or Telenet, and permission must be set up before
logging on.

10.  San Diego Labor Council  619/283-6672  Sysop - Sue Schaffner

The San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council Bulletin Board System
runs on Wildcat software at 2400 baud.  This is a very well stocked
BBS and worth a call.

11.  Utility Workers Union   Sysop - Ron Vanick

This BBS is for members only, more information can be found at
their office in Washington, DC.  The board has an active message
system as well as software to track grievances, keep membership
records, as well as an online arbitration and contract database.

12.  The Labor Board  812/597-4091  Sysop - Mike Lostutter

Mike is a representative of the IUE and runs this BBS from his home
in New Jersey. The board is open to all but has a private union
section.   The Labor Board is by far one of the best union BBS's
around and is the host for the Solidarity Network.  Runs Wildcat

13.  Labor Net

Initial Contact Voice Only  415/923-0900  Sysop - Hal Muskat

This BBS is a sub-board of PeaceNet, run by the Institute for
Global Communications.  This BBS is not affiliated with any union
but attempts to bring unionists together with other activists.
They do not have much activity on domestic union issues but have
quite a bit of international solidarity information.

14.  PUBBS  714/987-2619  Sysops - Dennis C. Binder, Mark Lesch

PUBBS stands for "Postal Users Bulletin Board Service" and is based
in California.  They run an open BBS with a private section for
unionists, primarily members of the National Association of Letter
Carriers, NALC.

15.  Progressive Resources - 401/351-5997

Progressive Resources is a general purpose BBS that has a union
section.  Chuck Schwartz of the Institute for Labor Resources,
Rhode Island, is the key union person.  The board carries many
interesting topics however the labor section is not very active.

16.  TradeZone BBS  513/367-1727  Sysop - Jerry Fray

Based in Connerville, Indiana, Jerry started this BBS last year.
It was initially called the Union Label BBS.

17.  U.S. Department of Labor  202/523-4784

I debated whether or not to add this one as it is really a nice
propaganda machine from our good friends at the Labor Department.
But, it is a well maintained BBS, with some very useful
information including speeches and press releases as well as info
on the structure of the DOL.

18.  Operating Engineers  202/833-8147  Sysops - Stratton Penberthy
     and Chris Hanley

Another new BBS this year, the IUOE is making a concerted effort to
have a well stocked and maintained BBS.  This BBS is run out of
their Washington, DC headquarters.  They use PC Board software.

19.  Union Information Exchange  816/737-3406 (-5257 for 9600 baud)
     Sysop - Gary Goodman

Gary is a member of Pipe Fitters Local 533 out of Kansas City, MO.
He runs this BBS out of his home and is just starting out,
but is well versed in computers and a part of the Solidarity Network.

20.  East Coast Labor Board  617/662-4214  Sysop - Leo MacGillivray

Based in Malden, MA, this BBS is part of the Solidarity Network.
Leo is with the Utility Workers.

21.  NCR-CWA Organizing Campaign 216/333-4580

A first for union organizing, the CWA has started this BBS in Ohio
to help in their national organizing drive at NCR.  Union visitors
are welcome to look but please get permission from the sysop before
becoming active.

22.  APWU  616/784-4922  Sysop - Steven Pitsch

Steve is a member of the Postal Workers in Grand Rapids, MI.  This
BBS was just started early this year.  It appears to be more of a
general use BBS run by a union member.

23.  American Federation of Musicians  212/302-8237
     Sysop - Wayne King

This is perhaps the oldest union BBS in existence, based in New
York.  This board started in 1986 and is primarily for members.
However, sysop Wayne King will allow other union BBS sysops and
others who call him first at 800/762-3444.  Brother King just
upgraded to a 386 with two 9600 baud modems.

*** New BBS's since last listing of May 1992.

24.  Youngstown Labor BBS  216/788-1810
     Sysops - George Lavogne, Rick Ramm, others

This is a BBS run by CWA Local 4300, Youngstown, Ohio.  I believe
it started as a private BBS of CWA District 4 but is now open to
the public.

25.  Metro Toronto Area Labor Council  416/469-0611
     Sysop - Ken Patience

I haven't spent much time on this BBS yet but it appears to be well
run and just getting started.  I believe Ken is the President of
the Metro Toronto Area Council which is part of the Ontario Service
Employees Union.

26.  Edward R. Gehm Training Center BBS  908/469-6589
     Sysops - Steven H. Allen & Rodrigo Jara

     This BBS is operated by the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
Division of the United Assoc. of Plumbers and Pipefitters of New
Jersey.  The sysops are based at the UA's apprenticeship program.

27.  Fireline  914-684-0027/0188  Sysop - Duncan Macrae

White Plains Professional Fire Fighters Association, IAFF, AFL-CIO
Health & Safety Bulletin Board Service.  This system is part of the
Solidarity Network and is based in New York.

28.  Big Bill's BBS  203/486-5362  Sysop - Michael Spellman

Based at the University of Connecticut's Labor Education Center.
They are running Telegard BBS Software Version 2.7 and have a 2400
baud line.

29.  Salt City Caverns  315/695-3077  Sysop - Steve Richmond

This system is listed as a participant in the Solidarity Network
and affiliated with the Teamsters in New York.  However, it appears
to be more of an Adult BBS.

30.  The Broun Board 703/979-1154  Sysops - Eric Geist, Jim Griffin

This BBS is run by The Newspaper Guild members.  They are based in
the Washington, DC area.

31.  AFL-CIO through Compuserve.  Sysop - Blair Calton

The AFL-CIO is testing the system now but has yet to go public.
There will be quite a bit of information from the AFL-CIO
departments such as full text Executive Council statements,
legislative testimony and more.  For more information contact Blair
Calton at the AFL-CIO.

B.)  Rumored BBS's

1.  IFPTE - Set up at International Headquarters

2.  International Association of Machinists - "TechLine", for
members only, located at training center.

3.  Airline Pilots, through Compuserve.

C.)  Health & Safety/Environmental BBS's

1.  Right to Know Network - 202/234-8575  Sysop - Alair MacLean

    OMB Watch / Unison Institute - Provides public access to U.S.
EPA Toxics Release Inventory data.  Logon as guest the first time.
Registration is required.  This is a good place to meet
progressive environmentalists who want to work with labor.

2.  Center for Safety in the Arts  - 212/385-2034

    NY Dept. of Labor Occupational Safety and Health BBS - Covers
a variety of health and safety issues.

3.  OSH Exchange - 416/572-2307  Sysop - Chris Moore

Based in Toronto, Ontario this is a new BBS put together by the
Occupational Safety and Health Center.  It is very well supplied
and offers a number of CD ROM products.  There is a charge for this

D.)  Conclusion

The above list is by no means complete, but is an attempt to start
collecting information on union electronic bulletin boards.  If you
know of any systems not on this list, or find any errors with the
information please let me know.

In Solidarity,

Steve White, (Co-Sysop of Labor Line)
Affiliated Construction Trades Foundation
523 Central Avenue
Charleston, WV  25302
(304)345-7570 (Voice)
(301)431-0534 (Labor Line BBS)
ubc on PeaceNet
76004,3601 on Compuserve