HIST 6025: Advanced Studies in Labour and Working-Class History
                               History 6075

                      Advanced Studies in Labour and 
                           Working-Class History

Time:  Wednesday, 7:30-10:00 p.m.                      G.S. Kealey
A-4004                                            A-1009
                                                  h 726-4778
                                                  o 737-4340 or 2144


An examination of the historiography of labour and working-class history in England, the
United States, and Canada.

Assignments and Grading:

     Book Review              20  (due second class in February)
     Class Participation      20
     Class Presentation       20
     Essay                    40  (due last class in March)

Suggested Texts (all on reserve):

W.J.C. Cherwinski and G.S. Kealey, Lectures in Labour and Working-Class History (St.
     John's:  CCLH, 1985).

H.G. Gutman, Work, Culture and Society (NY:  Vintage, 1976).

H.G. Gutman, Power and Culture (NY:  Pantheon, 1988).

H.G. Gutman, et al., Who Built America? 2 vols. (NY:  Pantheon, 1992).

H. Kaye, The British Marxist Historians (Oxford:  Polity, 1984).

H. Kaye and K. McClelland, E.P. Thompson (Oxford:  Polity, 1990).

G.S. Kealey, Class, Community and the Labour Movement (St. John's:  LLAFUR/CCLH, 1989).

G.S. Kealey, Class, Gender and Region (St. John's:  CCLH, 1988).

G.S. Kealey, Toronto Workers (Toronto:  University of Toronto Press, 1991).

G.S. Kealey and B.D. Palmer, Dreaming of What Might Be (Toronto:  New Hogtown Press,

K. Marx, Capital, Vol. I (London:  Penguin, 1976).

D. Montgomery, Fall of the House of Labor (NY:  Cambridge, 1989).

B.D. Palmer, The Making of E.P. Thompson (Toronto:  New Hogtown Press, 1983).

B.D. Palmer, Descent Into Discourse (Philadelphia:  Temple University Press, 1990).

B.D. Palmer, Working-Class Experience, 2 ed. (Toronto:  McClelland and Stewart, 1992).

Joy Parr, Gender of Breadwinners (Toronto:  University of Toronto Press, 1990).

E.P. Thompson, The Making of the English Working-Class (London:  Penguin, 1963).

E.P. Thompson, Customs in Common (New York:  New Press, 1991).
                               History 6075

                      Advanced Studies in Labour and 
                           Working-Class History

                             Seminar Schedule

12 January          I.   Introduction and Library Tour (M. Lonardo)

19 January          II.  Labour History - British Roots

26 January          III. Labour History - U.S. Roots

 2 February         IV.  Labour History - Canadian Roots

 9 February         V.   Labour & Working-Class History - E.J. Hobsbawm
16 February         VI.  Labour & Working-Class History - E.P. Thompson

23 February         VII. Labour & Working-Class History - H.G. Gutman

 2 March       VIII.     Labour & Working-Class History - David Montgomery

 9 March       IX.  Labour & Working-Class History - Canada's "1st Generation"

16 March       X.   Labour & Working-Class History - Canada's "2nd Generation"

23 March       XI.  Labour & Working-Class History - and Gender

30 March       XII. Labour & Working-Class History - and Language

6 April             XIII.     Towards a Newfoundland Labour and Working-Class
                    (S. Cadigan)         Major Bibliographies in Labour and Working-Class History


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Labour/Le Travail, ongoing bibliography.

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Bulletin of the Society for the Study of Labour History, (now Labour History Review) ongoing

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                               United States

Labor History, annual bibliography.

James C. McBrearty, American Labor History:  A Selected Bibliography (1974).

Maurice F. Neufeld, et al. American Working-Class History:  A Representative Bibliography
            Major Journals in Labour and Working-Class History


Bulletin of the Society for the Study of Labour History  (now Labour History Review)

History Workshop  (HW).

New Left Review  (NLR).

Social History  (SH).


Bulletin RCHTQ.

Labour/Le Travail  (L/LT).

Studies in Political Economy  (SPE).

left history.

                               United States

International Labor and Working-Class History (ILWCH).

Labor History (LH).

Radical History Review (RHR).


Labour History (Australia).

Le Mouvement Sociale (France).
             Major Surveys of Labour and Working-Class History

Eugene Forsey, Trade Unions in Canada, 1812-1902 (1982).

Craig Heron, The Canadian Labour Movement:  A Short History (1989).

Charles Lipton, The Trade Union Movement of Canada (1973).

Harold Logan, Trade Unions in Canada (1948).

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                               United States

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Ronald Filippelli, Labor in the USA:  A History (1984).

Philip Foner, History of the Labor Movement in the US, 8 vols. (1947-  ).

James R. Green, The World of the Worker (1980).Week 1 -                       Introduction

General discussion and assignment of seminar topics, written work, etc.
Followed by Library Tour with Michael LonardoWeek 2 -              Labour History - British Roots


G.D.H. Cole and Raymond Postgate, The Common People (1938).

G.D.H. Cole, A Short History of the British Working-Class Movement (1947).

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               Industrial Democracy
               Our Partnership.


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Week 3                  Labour History - U.S. Roots


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Bruce Kaufman, The Origins and Evolution of the Fields of Industrial Relations in the US
          (1993), esp. ch.1-3.Week 4                Labour History - Canadian Roots


Harold Logan, Trade Unions in Canada (1948).

D.C. Masters, The Winnipeg General Strike (1950).

Charles Lipton, Trade Union Movement of Canada (1967).

Eugene Forsey, Trade Unions in Canada (1980).

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Week 5                         E.J. Hobsbawm


     Primitive Rebels (1959)

     Age of Revolution (1963)

     Labouring Men (1964)

     Industry and Empire (1968)

     Captain Swing (1969)

     Bandits (1969)

     Revolutionaries (1973)

     Age of Capital (1975)

     Worlds of Labour (1985)

     Age of Empire (1987)

     Politics for a Rational Left (1989), Part II.

     Echoes of the Marseillaise (1990)

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Chapter in Abelove, Visions, 27-46.

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Eugene Genovese, "The Politics of Class Struggle in the History of Society:  An Appraisal of
          the Work of E.J. Hobsbawm," in Pat Thane, eds., The Power of the Past, 13-36.Week 6                         E.P. Thompson


     Making of the English Working Class (1968)
     Whigs and Hunters (1975)

     William Morris (1977)

     Poverty of Theory (1978)

     Writing by Candlelight (1981)

     Exterminism and Cold War (1982)

     The Heavy Dancers (1985)
     The Skyaos Papers (1988)

     Customs in Common (1991)

     The Mark of the Beast:  William Blake and Moral Law (1993)


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Weed 6 (cont'd)

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     Work, Society and Culture (1976)

     The Black Family in Slavery and Freedom, 1750-1925 (1976)

     Slavery and the Numbers Game (1976)

     Power and Culture (1987)

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Week 9                  Canada's "First Generation"


Irving Abella, Nationalism, Communism and Canadian Labour (1972).

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Week 10                Canada's "Second Generation"


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Week 13                Towards a Newfoundland Labour
                         and Working-Class History

Bill Gillespie, A Class Act (1986).

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