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                       Debates on modern marxism


 "As the last terror-regimes in eastern Europe stumbled down, it once
  again became possible for those who never accepted these regimes as
  marxist to discuss marxist theory freely. Breakaway is meant to
  support this debate about modern marxism. We will write about marxist
  theory and it's consequences as well as publish works of fiction
  falling into the bag of 'proletarian literature'.We greatly encourage
  our readers to submit articles covering their views, dreams and hopes
  for the future, as well thorough argumentation on a special topic of
  marxist ideology, or poems and short-stories"

                      (From our entry in John Labovitz' e-zine list)



    Already my selection of name commits.

    It is a breakaway from a past where openminded debate about marxism
was impossible.  On one side, orthodox stalinists and maoists more or
less openly mutilated marxism to fit their own needs, and marked everone
not following their totalitarian line as "fascist agents".  On the
other, the capitalists marked everyone with revolutionary ideas as a
communist, and added "that is, he is against the rights of the
individual, and are fighting to establish a totalitarian, stalinist
regime".  In between, the trotskyites hated everyone, and was hated by
everyone.  The only ones to stand united were the opportunists.

    So the revolutionary movement rotted away.

    But, inevitable, the regimes that called themselves "socialist"
started stumbling down.  Today it isn't anymore given that everyone you
will meet claims you to support murdering of people with opposing views
if you call yourself marxist.  More and more often people instead ask
you what your goals are, and how you will fight to reach them, because
they do not know, or think they know, what marxism is.  Many haven't
even heard of Marx.

    What will you answer?

    That is the main focus of Breakaway.  What is the goal of a marxist,
and how will he fight to reach these goals?  What are the concequences?
Are these goals just an utopia, or are they realistic?

    As a marxist, a selfproclaimed commie, these are questions I have to
ask myself each and every day.  Questions I *NEED* to ask to be sure
that I never start believing in eternal truths; questions everyone
concerned with marxism need to ask.

    I will not censor submissions with views differing from mine.  I
will not stop trotskyites from submitting simply because I belive that
Trotskys "Permanent revolution" theory is crap.  I won't stop maoists
that write to tell why Mao was a great leader, or anarchists writing to
tell us all why marxism is totalitarian.  I even might just possibly
accept an occasional submission from a stalinist or two trying to excuse
Stalins (in my opinion) fascist oppression of the individual.

    As long as the submissions doesn't have as main goal to insult other
people, it will pass (and if they don't, I'll give the author a fair
chance to moderate his/hers article).

    For information wants to be free.  And these are discussions we need
to take to clarify what is real marxism, what is good marxism, and what
is not marxism.  Because even if I see stalinism as a fascist ideology,
I realise that this is my opinion and not an undisputable truth.

    Let the more than seventy years with oppression in the name of
marxism be a lesson to us all.

    But let it also encourage us to fight even harder to show people
that this was, and is, a misuse of the name of marxism, and not the real
thing.  Let it engourage us to fight to clear our name.

Vidar Hokstad,


How often?

As often as there are enough to publish.  "Enough" is at present about
30kb of text, but this might increase if we get enough submissions.
Under any circumstances, we'll limit ourselves to 30kb until we reach
one issue every two weeks.


Only pure 7-bit ASCII.  However a program designed to translate these
files into AmigaGuide(TM) files will become available shortly.  (Send a
request for BRtoGUIDE.LHA to the E-mail address below.  You will then
receive the file uuencoded in you mailbox as soon as it is available)


Breakaway is archived at etext.archive.umich.edu in the directory


Just send us a message, preferably by e-mail, and you will be added to
our mailing list.


Do you have ideas about topics we should write about, columns we should
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Submission guidelines

* BREAKAWAY will accept articles from people belonging to all trends or
  ideologies related to marxism, or from people who are simply
  interested in marxist theory or practice.

* All articles are considered open for debate. Answers to articles are
  welcomed and encouraged, and will get high priority. When an article
  includes the e-mail address to the author, you *are* encouraged to
  use it for constructive criticism to the author, but we would prefer
  if you submitted your comments if appropriate.

* You should limit yourself to articles between 100 and 300 lines if
  possible. If you find that difficult, try to divide your article into
  shorter sections suitable for publishing over two to four issues.

  Contributions shorter than 100 lines will naturally also be accepted,
  but might (depending on the type of submission) be put in a column as
  "Readers comments" etc. instead of alone.

* We will publish most articles or news reports we receive concerning
  marxist ideology, the actions of marxist organisations, or information
  of importance to the average revolutionary.

* Fiction will be accepted if the editor believes that it encourages new
  ideas, or that it falls into the quite large bag of "proletarian

* We will, if the content is interesting, take the work of translating
  to English from the Scandinavian languages, German or French, and
  improving language (in cooperation with the author)

* Submissions should if possibly be e-mailed to us.  Alternatively, you
  may snailmail us a disc.  We accept plain ASCII files on 3.5" 720kb
  formatted MS-DOS discs, 5.25" 360kb MS-DOS discs, 3.5" 880kb OFS or
  FFS Amiga discs.  But we don't hunt you down and kill you if you send
  us your article on paper either (if in handwriting: write *CLEARLY*).

* We accept anonymous submissions.  However, if you choose to do so, we
  would prefer if you give us a pseudonym to use as your signature.

  (Also @ addresses is a good way of getting
  anonymity without loosing the advantages of feedback, anon@penet.fi
  beeing a popular choice, but please note that there are other servers
  available for US users, as penet.fi is _extremely_ overloaded)

If you are unsure of whether or not your article, poem, short-story or
whatever is of interest to us, submit it anyway and let us judge.  I
believe our problem won't be too *many* submissions...  And if you
submit something we can't use, and it isn't the *quality*, but the
*topic* that is our reason for not publishing, we will try to give you
advice about better alternatives (such as other e-zines).

How to contact Red Forum / Internationalists Committee:

Editor      : Vidar Hokstad
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