March 1994        No. 39

Chiapas: A Message from "Deep Mexico"   2
  by Arturo Santamaría Gomez

Roots of Rebellion  6
  by María Elena Martínez

Eyewitness Chiapas  8
  by Gloria J. Romero


Organizing Women from the Bottom Up     10
  by Miriam Ching Louie

P.C. Backlash: A Woman's Story     15
  by Leslie Simon

The Global Fight for Women's Rights     18
  by Leni Marin and Maria Olea

Asian Immigrant Women Fight Domestic Violence     20
  by Deanna L. Jang

High Performance Cooptation: Clinton-Style Labor Law
Reform:   22
  by Michael Eisenscher

Help Wanted: Radical Youth and the Labor Movement 26
  by Michael Creighton

Season of the Weird:     29
  An Idle Left Is the Far Right's Workshop, by Tim Patterson

Letters:  29

Getting Rooted and Getting Real    30
  a reply to "Reconstructing the Left," by Billie Wachter

Knock on Every Door:     33
  Grassroots Flower Power, by David Spero

     Cover: Mexico City demonstration in support of the
Zapatista cause in Chiapas; Photo by David Maung