Editor's Note

     "The Zapatista rebellion marks a turning point for
Mexico," writes Arturo Santamaría Gomez in CrossRoads lead
article this month. And especially in this post-NAFTA world,
big changes in Mexico ripple throughout the U.S. and Canada
as well. The Chiapas uprising has received unprecedented
(and uneven, to say the least) coverage in the U.S. media;
it's thrown Washington policy-makers into a dither; and it
has sparked a wave of forums, discussions, human rights
delegations and solidarity activities among progressive and
left activists. We don't think this is going to come to an
abrupt halt, either: there is much that remains to do, much
to understand and a lot of lessons to absorb. We're
enthusiastic about publishing articles by María Elena
Martínez and Gloria J. Romero, as well as Arturo Santamaría
Gomez, to contribute to this urgent discussion.
     This issue also continues a several-year tradition at
CrossRoads of giving special attention in March to the
struggles, movements and conditions of women. And following
our "Women Organize for the '90s" package, we include two
provocative articles on the labor movement and, with Billie
Wachter's "Getting Rooted and Getting Real," we continue our
ongoing discussion of strategies to revitalize the U.S.
     Just two months into 1994, we've got some ambitious
plans to expand CrossRoads reach. We're printing an updated
CrossRoads promotional brochure and preparing a series of
direct-mail subscriber appeals to activists around the
country. We've established a CrossRoads conference on
peacenet to expose a new constituency to the magazine. (We
invite all readers to log on and check it out.) And we're
mapping out plans to take CrossRoads on the road with more
events, forums and seminars.
     We have the resources to get started on these expansion
projects thanks to the success of our 1993 Fund Drive. As we
reported in our last issue, our 1993 campaign raised 85
percent of our $30,000 target and upped the number of
CrossRoads monthly sustainers from 153 to 206 -- a dramatic
increase for one year. Thanks again to all of you who
pitched in so generously to help CrossRoads achieve those
     But we still can't sit back and relax. To successfully
complete (not just start) all our expansion campaigns we
need some additional help. Our top priority goal for 1994 is
to once again expand the number of CrossRoads sustainers --
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