April 1994        No. 40

April 21 Elections: A Decisive Moment for South Africa 2
  by Raymond Suttner

                   El SALVADOR ­PRESENTE!

The CISPES Solidarity Model   4
  by Diane Green

CISPES: Radical, Pragmatic and Successful    6
  by Van Gosse

Breaking Many Taboos: Women in Solidarity    11
  by Julie Meyer

The Heart, Soul and Engine: Salvadorans in the U.S.    14
  by Aquiles Maga¤a

The Religious Roots of Solidarity  16
  by Margie Swedish

Physical Solidarity: Acts of Accompaniment   19
  by Dr. Kathleen Kenney

Sanctuary: People Before the Law   21
  by Philip E. Wheaton

Labor Takes the Field    22
  by Dave Dyson

Toward the Future: Solidarity Without Borders     26
  by Mike Zielinski

Post-Structuralism As Subculture   28
  by Barbara Epstein

Season of the Weird:     31
  Top Ten Great Things About CrossRoads Turning 40, by Tim

Speak Out:     31
  The Buchenwald Touch, by Herbert Aptheker

Knock on Every Door:     33
  Up the Corporation!, by David Spero

     Cover: El Salvador ­Presente!, by Mark Vallen,
available as a limited edition lithograph, see box on page
9. The artist may be contacted directly at Art for a Change,
P.O. Box 5751, Sherman Oaks, CA 91413.