Next Issues on Chiapas
The Zapatistas Speak

     As CrossRoads goes to press, representatives of the
Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) and the Mexican
government have just announced tentative agreement on a
package of political and social reforms. The pact, which the
EZLN states must still be approved by the peasant and
indigenous base it represents, is further testimony to the
rapid and profound changes in Mexican politics being
produced by the Chiapas uprising. Even the New York Times,
in its initial article on the agreement (March 3),
acknowledged that "item by item, it read as an extraordinary
admission of shortcomings in the program of rapid free-
market economic change that only last fall had seemed to
crown President Salinas de Gortari as the envy of
governments throughout Latin America."
     CrossRoads coverage of this pivotal and fast-changing
situation began last month with articles analyzing the
unique character of the EZLN ("A Message from Deep Mexico,"
by Arturo Santamarˇa Gomez); the social and economic
background in Mexico's poorest state ("Roots of Rebellion,"
by Marˇa Elena Martˇnez); and the post-uprising human rights
situation ("Eyewitness Chiapas," by Gloria J. Romero).
Another set of articles on the uprising and its aftermath --
including interviews with EZLN leaders -- will appear in our
next issue. Our coverage will continue in future issues as
well, since the impact of this first mass rebellion of the
new, post-NAFTA world will reverberate throughout Mexico,
the United States, and beyond for years to come.