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ID's/margin notes for CrossRoads April 1994 (No. 40)

Suttner ID, page 2:

RAYMOND SUTTNER served two terms of imprisonment totalling
more than 10 years for anti-apartheid activities and spent a
year under house arrest. A former academic, today he is a
member of the National Executive Committee of the African
National Congress and the Central Committee of the South
African Communist Party. He is part of the ANC list of
candidates for the National Assembly.

Green ID, page 4:

DIANE GREEN is the Executive Director of the Committee In
Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES).
Gosse ID, page 6:

VAN GOSSE is the former director of New Jersey CISPES and is
now the Executive Director of the Center for Democracy in
the Americas.

Meyer ID, page 11:

JULIE MEYER is a former director of the Northeast Region of
CISPES and former Executive Administrator of the CISPES
National Office. She is presently the Development Director
of the Lambi Fund of Haiti and a coordinator of Mujera Mujer
in Washington, D.C.

Magana ID, page 14:

AQUILES MAGANA is a Savadoran community activist presently
working with the Central American Refugee Center (CARECEN)
in Los Angeles.

Swedish ID, page 16:

MARGIE SWEDISH is the Co-Director of the National Religious
Task Force on Central America.

Kenney ID, page 19:

DR. KATHLEEN KENNEY is the Associate Director of the Justice
and Peace program of the Catholic Diocese of Richmond,
Virginia. She accompanied the first repatriation of
Salvadoran refugees from the Mesa Grande refugee camp in

Dyson ID, page 22:

DAVE DYSON is the Minister of the Lafayette Avenue
Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn, N.Y. From 1981-1990 he was
the executive director of the National Labor Committee in
Support of Democracy and Human Rights in El Salvador.

end note for Dyson article, page 25:

The NLC continues its work (see inside front cover for
address). In addition to ongoing issues in Central America,
Haiti and the Dominican Republic, the NLC has done ground-
breaking work on the role of the U.S. Agency for
International Development in luring U.S. jobs to low-wage,
non-union havens in Central America and the Caribbean.

Mike Z ID, page 26:

MIKE ZIELINSKI is the former editor of the Alert!, the
national newspaper of CISPES. He is presently the Political
Director of National CISPES.