Cover Lithograph of El Salvador Solidarity
Special Offer
El Salvador ­Presente!
In Limited Edition Lithograph

     Why not make El Salvador ­Presente! a permanent part of
your art collection as well as your political bookshelf?    
Art and politics are an explosive mix -- and the image on
our cover this issue is so powerful we wanted to make it
last beyond one month. So, by arrangement with artist Mark
Vallen who designed El Salvador ­Presente! especially for
CrossRoads, we're making this image available in a limited
edition lithograph.
     The image (with the issue title but without the
CrossRoads logo) will be printed in dark sepia on off-white
rag paper, 14 by 18 inches in size, titled, numbered and
pencil signed by the artist.
     This is an offer exclusively for CrossRoads supporters,
current and future. To obtain a lithograph, you can sign up
as a monthly CrossRoads sustainer (sustainers make a tax-
deductible pledge of $10 or more each month) and send us the
first $60 toward your pledge. If you are already a
sustainer, send us $60 -- also tax-deductible -- and we'll
get your lithograph to you.
     The first two lithographs in this limited signed and
numbered series will be especially valuable -- true
collectors items. We are offering print No. 1 at a patron
price of $150, and No. 2 at $100. There's only one of each
of these, so it's first-come, first-served.
     This is an unusual opportunity to make your wall
sparkle, and to help CrossRoads to boot. Send in your order

     "Over the years I have learned many invaluable lessons
from the Salvadoran people -- lessons concerning what it
means to love and sacrifice for a community, about the
indispensability of culture in that struggle, lessons
regarding faith and irrepressible human spirit. I hope that
this work expresses the gratitude and indebtedness I feel
for receiving these gifts." -- Mark Vallen
     Mark Vallen is a Los Angeles-based visual artist who
advocates the arts as "an integral component in the process
of liberation and social transformation."