The Zapatistas Speak #1
We, The Shadows of a New Fury

     Last March the media reported that the Zapatistas had
reached certain agreements with the Mexican government's
negotiator Manuel Camacho Solís. Government pledges included
no substantive concessions to key rebel demands for
electoral reform, reinstating land reform, suspending NAFTA
and on other national issues; the government did pledge to
build roads, clinics, schools, etc. and make a few other
improvements limited to Chiapas. On March 15 the EZLN
angrily denied they had made any agreements and stated that
these proposals had to be discussed and accepted by all the
indigenous communities before they could be considered
final. Here is an excerpt from the denial issued by the
Clandestine Indigenous Revolutionary Committee-General
Command of the EZLN.
     If they silence and assassinate our brothers, how shall
we ask our collective heart if the time has come for peace
to enter, hand in hand with dignity, through the doors of
our impoverished lands? They want to get rid of us once
again, to wrench a surrender from us. On top of the death of
our dignity they want to return us to a peace which is war
for our people. We won't do it, we won't surrender. If they
reject a just and dignified peace, then we, shadows of men
and women, will dress ourselves again for war...
     We, the shadows of new fury, will bring forth our voice
once again so that it be heard and drown out the lies. The
ENOUGH! of our first voice was not enough. It was not enough
to flower the land with the blood of our dead. The men and
women of new fury will have to walk once again, our dead
will rise again, the history of our wounded heart will speak
again, to bring an end to deceit and lies, so that the
arrogance in these Mexican lands dies. We, men and women of
the night, will come once again and in the dark clothing of
new fury speak with the voice of all people to silence so
many lies.