Editor's Note on Chiapas Articles
     From the Editors: Events beginning with the indigenous
Chiapas uprising of January 1, 1994 point toward fundamental
changes in "poor Mexico -- so far from God and so close to
the U.S.," as the saying goes. Articles in CrossRoads March
1994 issue looked at the overall sweep of the uprising (by
Arturo Santamaría Gomez), its roots in changing land
ownership patterns (María Elena Martínez), and the current
human rights situation as observed by a delegate to Chiapas
(Gloria J. Romero). All this was before the assassination to
presidential candidate Donaldo Colosio.
     Now, as the situation changes almost daily, we present
another group of articles: John Ross's overview of Mexico's
fluid political situation, an interview with Subcomandante
Marcos and other Zapatista leaders, Salvador Peniche's
analysis of the Chiapas Indian struggle within a global
indigenous framework and a brief report on solidarity
actions by Native Americans. CrossRoads will be closely
watching various aspects of U.S. involvement, including
reports that the CIA knew of discontent and violent
repression in Chiapas last year but suppressed its knowledge
at the time because it might have hindered NAFTA's passage.