May 1994        No. 41

Staying Alive: The "Mexican Miracle" Nosedives    2
  by John Ross

The Zapatistas Speak     5
  voices of the Zapatista National Liberation Army

The Mayans and the Global Economy  8
  by Salvador Peniche


The All-Out War Against Girls and Young Women     11
  by Nari Rhee

Market Leftism: Money Machines and the Left's Decline  13
  by Nathan Newman and Anders Schneiderman

Labor: Take the Responsibility     15
  by Gehan Perera

Shut Down Guantanamo!: The National Student Mobilization    
  by Anthony "Van" Jones

National Service: Dream World 21
  by Chris Daley and Steve Williams

Fund Our Youth!: Chicano Students Act for Equality     23
  by Verónica Sánchez and Robin Templeton

Sally Belfrage: A Love on the Left 24
  by Elizabeth Martínez, for CrossRoads

Bookwatch:     26
  Utopia Pragmatic, by Tom Barry

Beyond the State of Decline: The California Budget Wars     
  by Jim Shultz

Speak Out:     30
  Building a Revolutionary Alliance, by Joe Navarro

Season of the Weird:     33
  Post-Modern Babes and the World Revolutionary Process, by
Tim Patterson

Letters:  33

     Cover: Photograph by Barbara Maggiani