La Raza Manifesto of Chicano Students
La Raza Manifesto

     Following are excerpts from La Raza's High School
Student Manifesto for the 1990s:
     The U.S. educational system has failed Chicano youth.
It has made many of our people ashamed of their culture and
background...It has negated our place as the original
inhabitants of this land...It has promoted perceptions of
Raza and other Indigenous people as immigrants (in our
land!)...It has continuously tracked Raza students into
industrial and non-college bound courses with the
prejudicial attitude that [we] cannot succeed in college or
be effective professionals, thus creating a lower working
class composed of our people.
     To resolve these problems, schools must: Stop
misleading propaganda of Western culture as "universal" and
our Raza's -- as well as other people of color's -- as
tribal and underdeveloped...Actively recognize La Raza as
possessing a distinctive culture which is one of the true
original cultures of this land...Immediately promote a
number of Chicanos to reflect the Raza population to
counseling positions...Create an active Chicano presence in
school teams, school newspapers, yearbooks, homecoming
committees, bulletin boards and all activities from which
[we] have been excluded.