June 1994        No. 42

Letter from South Africa: What A Time To Be Alive!     2
  by Myesha Jenkins


Our Cultural Supernova   4
  by Irene Elizabeth Stroud

Our Own Faerie Way  8
  by Harry Hay

Civic Duty in the Age of Space Probes   11
  by Mariana Romo-Carmona

Bi-Bi Love, Bi-Bi Politics    15
  by Marcy Rein

An Injury To One... 17
  by Howard Wallace

Debating Solidarity: Replies to El Salvador ­Presente! 20
  by Sabina Virgo, Ethan Young and David B. Wilson

End of History? -- Francis Fukuyama's Thesis Won't Fly 23
  by Milton Fisk

Bookwatch:     28
  New Colors of Green, by Stephen Castor; Earth Diverse!, by
Carl Anderson; Clearcut, by Mike Greer

Season of the Weird:     30
  Kicking Tricky Dicky Around One Last Time, by Tim

Speak Out:     30
  Best Strategy: Ethical Marxism, by Richard Bell

Letters:  31

Conversation with Irene  32
  an appreciation of the life of Irene Donnelly, by Eileen

Knock on Every Door:     33
  Red Line Blues, by David Spero

     Cover: "Red Door" a pastel painting by Alicia Albahae,
1982. "This image speaks of how I stand in my own way of
coming out, as who I really am, to the world." Alicia
resides in San Francisco and can be reached at 415-431-4131.