Fundraising for CROSSROADS
Tricky Dick Is Gone, But Slick Willie Isn't.
So CrossRoads Plans To Stay in Business.

     CrossRoads has worked at promoting dialogue, new
strategic thinking and unity on the left for four years now.
And we don't intend to stop just because we don't have
Richard Nixon to kick around any more. There's still plenty
of work to do.
     To keep doing it, we need your help.
     Like other progressive publications, CrossRoads can't
survive on income from subscriptions and sales alone. So we
turn to our readers for extra help. The cornerstone of our
financial stability is CrossRoads sustainer program.
Sustainers pledge $10 or more each month and receive the
bimonthly CrossRoads Sustainer Newsletter reporting on
developments in the left and at the magazine.
     Last year, we succeeded in increasing the number of
CrossRoads sustainers from 153 to 205. For 1994, our goal is
to recruit 46 more sustainers and reach 250.
     CrossRoads 1994 Fund Drive will officially kick off in
July, with a cash donation target and a major push to sign
up new sustainers. We'd like to begin the drive with as much
headstart as possible on both counts. So won't you consider
sending us a sustainer pledge or cash donation today?
     It would be a great way to say good-by to Richard