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ID's/margin notes for CrossRoads June 1994 (No. 42)

ID page 2, at the beginning of Myesha's piece:

The photographs accompanying this article were taken by
FRANCES M. BEAL, a long time activist and writer on the
women's and African American movements who travelled to
South Africa for the election with the South Africa Media

stroud ID, page 4:

IRENE ELIZABETH STROUD is an active member of ACT UP New
York and a student at Union Theological Seminary; she works
at Monthly Review Press.
near first art image in stonewall package, page 5:

Thanks to LESBIAN VISUAL ARTISTS for the photographs of the
artworks in this section. Lesbian Visual Artists works to
promote the visibility of lesbian artists and their work,
and to promote the visibility of lesbians through their art.
Write LVA at 3543 18th St., #5, San Francisco, CA 94110.

Harry ID, page 8:

HARRY HAY's political activism spans many generations and
issues; he has fought for workers' and Native American
rights and taught classes in Marxism; he was a founder of
the Mattachine Society in the 1950s and the Radical Faeries
in the 1970s.

Carmona ID, page 11:

MARIANA ROMO-CARMONA, a Chilean lesbian immigrant, is one of
the co-managing editors of COLORLife! -- the Lesbian, Gay,
Two Spirit and Bisexual People of Color Magazine in New York

marcy ID, page 15:

MARCY REIN is managing editor of News for a People's World,
an independent monthly newspaper by and for Northern
California activists. She has written for an assortment of
left and queer publications over the last 15 years,
sometimes under the name of Rose Appleman.

info note on marcy's article, page 16:

Resources: BiNet USA is a national network of bisexual
groups. To find one near you, write BiNet at P.O.Box 7327,
Langley Park, MD 20787 or call 202-986-7186.

The Stonewall 25 festivities in New York at the end of June
will include an "International Conference to Celebrate
Bisexuality" on Sat., June 25. For info, ICCB, P.O. Box 497,
Times Square Station, New York, NY 10108, 212-592-3698.

Wallace ID, page 17:

HOWARD WALLACE has been active in the peace, labor and civil
rights gay movements for more than 35 years, and in the
lesbian/gay movement for more than 20 years. At present he
is a field representative for Health Workers Local 250,
SEIU, co-chair of the Lesbian/Gay Labor Alliance, and a
member of the Executive Board of the San Francisco Labor

The LESBIAN/GAY LABOR ALLIANCE can be reached at 655 14th
St., San Francisco, CA 94114.


Fisk ID, page 23:

MILTON FISK teaches philosophy at Indiana University, is the
author of The State and Justice, and is active in the
Indiana Health Care Campaign.