Editor's Note

     This month marks the 25th anniversary of the Stonewall
Rebellion, the explosion of resistance that catapulted the
lesbian and gay movement onto the nation's public political
agenda. CrossRoads is excited to celebrate this occasion
with "Stonewall 25: And Behind the Door?" The five articles
in this collection examine the past, present and future of a
dynamic movement, which an active sector prefers to define,
in-your-face-style, as the queer movement.
     As Irene Elizabeth Stroud puts it in her lead article,
today's queer movement is diverse in every possible respect
-- "a place where worlds collide." The source of incredible
vitality, such diversity simultaneously presents the
movement's left wing -- and the entire left -- with a host
of complexities. Among them are the complications arising
from the current impulse toward "mainstreaming" the
lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender movement. Writing from
different experiences and points of view, five authors
examine these complications -- tensions between cultural
expression and political activism; conflicts along lines of
class and race; knotty differences over self-definition and
sexual identity. Simultaneously passionate and
sophisticated, this discussion is the kind of probing work-
in-progress through which movements find their liberating
way. And for "straight/non-queer" leftists, there is an
additional message here, about the myriad ways the left has
not yet grasped the depth and brutality of homophobia and
the need to embrace the fight for lesbian/gay/bisexual
equality as the righteous cause of all.
     Eloquent as the writing in the following pages is,
we're equally excited about the art in "Behind the Door."
Many thanks to Lesbian Visual Artists and to each individual
contributor for images that convey an indispensable
dimension of the Stonewall 25 "cultural supernova."
     Have fun looking and reading, and see you at the
International March on the United Nations to Affirm the
Human Rights of Lesbians and Gay People June 26 in New York.
     No issue of CrossRoads would be complete at this moment
without celebrating the world-historic victory in South
Africa. As our tribute, this issue leads off with Myesha
Jenkins' election-day letter from Johannesburg; next month
will be a CrossRoads special issue on "Building the New
South Africa" -- don't miss it.


     We're excited to welcome Mike Greer to CrossRoads; Mike
will be working with the magazine for the next few months as
an editorial intern. Mike was active in divestment, anti-
Gulf War and financial accessibility battles at Wesleyan
University in Connecticut, and looks forward to working in
oppositional media. Currently, he's an underused temp
looking for a paying job. He can be reached through
CrossRoads if you have any hot leads.
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