AFL-CIO on Lesbian/Gay Rights

     The following passage from the Civil Rights Resolution
was passed unanimously October 6, 1993 at the 20th
Constitutional Convention of the AFL-CIO.
     Trade Unions must guarantee that workers be judged on
their work and not by irrelevant criteria that address their
private lives. Dismissal and harassment of workers for
reason unrelated to job performance have been used to
intimidate workers from exercising their right to freely
associate. The AFL-CIO protests any personnel actions taken
against a worker solely on the basis of sexual orientation.
We support enactment of legislation at all levels of
government to guarantee the civil rights of all persons
without regard to sexual orientation in public and private
employment, housing, credit public accommodations and public
     We also denounce harassment or violence against anyone
because of his or her sexual orientation.
     Affiliated unions and state and local central bodies
should take an active role in opposing measures which reduce
the rights of people based on their sexual orientation and
should participate in appropriate coalitions in order to
defeat such measures.