International Gay Movement (Box next to Hay article)
Third Gender Folk Vs. the Senate Circus

     In 1993, The International Lesbian and Gay Association
(ILGA) managed to obtain non-Governmental Consultative
Status which, in conjunction with Amnesty International, and
with the Human Rights Commission, have managed to ease the
political miseries and oppressions of Gay and Lesbian
People, in particular those living with AIDS. Among the many
diverse groups connected with ILGA are a number of old-line
European and American Associations advocating lowering the
sexual "age of consent"! The Religious Right and its
political Opportunist hanger's-on, such as Jesse Helms, --
the current Running Dogs of Neo-Fascism whose responsibility
at the moment is to create public circuses to distract the
American Public from the really and truly disastrous
undermining of their basic Traditional principles by trans-
National Corporate Capitalism...take advantage of the
Public's dismay as the Media exposures of wife-battering and
child-abuse, to begin creating the Gay/Lesbian public
scapegoating Looming Neo-Fascism would like to begin using
     The opening attack came at the beginning of this year,
when -- first -- the Religious Right raised the issue that
elements concealed in ILGA pursued the sexual abuse of
children -- children being defined as that period between
infancy and age-of-consent...i.e. Seventeen years-11 months
and 29 days of age.:("childhood" in my Dictionary is "that
period between infancy and puberty, or 13-14 years"). The
purse-strings of the United States' Mission to the United
Nations are controlled by a Senate Committee controlled by
Jesse Helms. Last January 26, 1994, Helms persuaded the
Senate to pass 99 to 0 a resolution cutting off
$119,000,000.00 in funding to the UN in 1994 and 1995 unless
President Clinton certifies that the U.N. has cut links to
any groups supporting consensual sex between adults and
     Insofar as the Radical Faeries are concerned, the
spectacle of an International Gay/Lesbian Association being
used as catspaw bandied back and forth between two Hetero
Groups attempting to blackmail each totally
unacceptable. One of the basic principles of my FIRST
MATTACHINE SOCIETY was, as specified above, that we would
BE...or not at all, at that particular time. We felt then,
and we feel now, that it is untenable for Heteros to tell
our newly reawakened Social-Cultural-spiritual Minority who
we are, and who our members may or may not be! WE'LL TELL
     If the U.N. isn't ready to receive us as the Social
Spiritually contributive 3rd Gender Folk we perceive
ourselves to be, then -- from our Radical Faerie perspective
-- we feel ILGA should withdraw until the United Nations
leaps to divest itself of the impotent Trans-national
Corporation dominated TRAVESTY it has revealed itself to be
in the last five years. Dreadful though their Oppressions
internationally may be, we American Gay and Lesbian Folk
have no business presuming to deliver -- to our viciously-
oppressed Brothers and Sisters in other nations -- the same
empty Middle Class "SELL-OUT" posturings, and the same
cruelly false promises recently received by Somalia and the frightful ruination of both...The Heteros
appear to have neither the decency to perceive what a
qualitative leap in consciousness a REDEMPTION from Arms
procurement might interject between Nations. So little self-
esteem left have they for their own Humanity, they don't
even have the guts to smash their own ARMS MONOPOLY!