Obit: Franklin Alexander
Franklin Alexander

     CrossRoads mourns the death of Franklin Alexander on
May 26 of self-inflicted wounds at his home in Berkeley,
California. He was 53.
     Franklin's 35 years of political activism included
participation in civil rights struggles in the South as a
national leader of the W.E.B. Du Bois Clubs. As a leader of
the Los Angeles Chapter of the Student Non-Violent
Coordinating Committee, he played a leading role in
campaigns opposing police brutality and for prisoners'
rights during the 1960s in Southern California. Franklin
joined the Communist Party, USA, in 1959, remaining a member
until 1992. After he left the party he retained his
commitment to socialism and democracy through membership in
the Committees of Correspondence.
     In 1970, Alexander was a founder and co-chair of the
international Free Angela Davis campaign. He became the
founding Executive Secretary of the National Anti-
Imperialist Movement in solidarity with Southern African
Liberation in 1973. He co-chaired the Bay Area Free South
Africa Movement and participated in organizing drives for
the International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union.
In 1991 he helped organize and lead African Americans
Against the War in the Middle East.
     Franklin married Kendra Harris Alexander in 1966.
Together they organized and fought for peace, equality,
economic justice, and, especially, for a better future for
young people, young African American men in particular. They
were the proud parents of one son, Jordon, who they loved
with all their heart. Kendra, a prominent radical political
activist, died tragically in a fire that destroyed their
home in May, 1993. We miss them both.
     Friends who wish to honor the memory of Franklin with a
contribution and to assist his son may send a check to Trust
Account for Jordon Alexander, c/o Phyllis Willett, 1216
Delaware, Berkeley, CA 94702.