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July-August 1994        No. 43

Welcome Links: The International Green Left Conference	2
  by Malik Miah

Solidarity Summer/Delegaci˘n Tri-Nacional	4
  by Ginny Coughlin and Rafael Pizarro             


Making History: The South African Election	5
  by Frances M. Beal             

Boogey Down	7
  a poem by Miriam Louie             

Transition of an Unexpected Type	8
  by Raymond Suttner             

A Mass-Driven Transformation	14
  by Jeremy Cronin             

The ANC Plan of Operation	20
  Excerpts from the ANC's Reconstruction and Development Programme	               

Now on the Agenda: New Forms of Solidarity	23
  by Nesbit Crutchfield             

Workers at the Center: Silicon Valley Campaign for Justice	24
  by Lisa Hoyos

Franklin Alexander	27

Debating Solidarity II: More on El Salvador ­Presente!	28
  by Van Gosse and David Finkel             

Season of the Weird:	30 
  Cold Fusion and Hot Tomatoes, by Tim Patterson

Letters:	30

Morris Wright: The Salt of the Earth	31
  by Irwin Silber

Knock on Every Door:	33
  The Real Milagro, by David Spero

	Cover: Photo by Frances M. Beal