Editor's Note

     South Africa's election celebrations continue -- but
the challenges of clearing away apartheid's legacy and
reconstructing the country have now moved center stage. This
issue of CrossRoads focuses on evaluating what has and has
not been accomplished by the ANC's landslide victory, and
what dilemmas lie ahead. The centerpiece articles are in-
depth pieces by Raymond Suttner and Jeremy Cronin, leading
figures in the ANC and South African Communist Party. We are
deeply grateful to these authors for carving out time from
their tremendously demanding schedules to provide CrossRoads
readers with such extensive and timely analyses.
     This issue was edited CrossRoads Board member Frances
M. Beal and Myesha Jenkins, an anti-apartheid activist in
the U.S. for 20-plus years who is now South Africa
Coordinator of the U.S.-South Africa Sister Community
Project. Special thanks to our Myesha: her work on the
ground in South Africa on this issue has been indispensable.
     Nesbit Crutchfield, coordinator of the Bay Area
Southern Africa Network, points out in his contribution to
this issue that there is still a vital role for solidarity
activism in the U.S. If you are not already hooked up with
one of the following sources of information or involvement,
we urge you to contact: 

African National Congress, PO Box
61884, Marshalltown, 2107, South Africa; 

The African Communist, PO Box 1027 Johannesburg, 2000, South Africa
(subscription information on page 15); 

Washington Office on Africa, 110 Maryland Ave. NE, Washington, DC 20002,
202-546- 7961; 

TransAfrica, 1744 "R" Street NW, Washington, DC 20009, 202-797-2301; 

Bay Area Southern Africa Network, PO Box 98, Oakland, CA 94604,

U.S.-South Africa Sister Community Project, 3254 Adeline St., Berkeley, CA
94703, 510-601-7635; 

South Africa Political Update -- a biweekly news summary from South
Africa, a free service welcoming (and dependent upon) donations; to be
added to the Update's e-mail or fax list, or to contribute, write to the
Institute for a New South Africa/U.S.-South Africa Sister Community
Project at the previous address; South Africa Exchange Program on
Environmental Justice, 6 Goodrich Road #2, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130,


     We're happy to announce that Wendy Smyer Yu will be
joining CrossRoads for the next few months as an art/design
intern. Wendy is a 1994 graduate of New College of
California (San Francisco) where she majored in
environmental studies. She has a strong background in
environmental ethics and is particularly interested in our
cultural and artistic expressions of nature. She has been
experimenting in book arts and recently published two books
of her poetry.
     We're also enthusiastic about welcoming four new
Contributing Editors to CrossRoads: Aimie Gresham, Tahan
Jones, and Nari Rhee guest edited CrossRoads' "Solutions
from a Dissed Generation" April issue; Sesshu Foster has
contributed several pieces to CrossRoads on worker writers
and cultural activism.


     Bay Area participants in the South Africa Media Project
-- including this issue's co-editor Fran Beal -- will report
on their experience in South Africa and lead a discussion on
the complex political realities facing the country this July
9. The event will be a benefit for CrossRoads 1994 Fund
Drive; donations of $10-25 (sliding scale) will be
appreciated: Saturday, July 9, 2-5 p.m., 805 57th St. (at
Martin Luther King) in Oakland; refreshments will be served.
Call 510-843-7495 for more information.