To find out more about News for a People's World

	NEWS FOR A PEOPLE'S WORLD is a modest effort to provide useful 
information for social change in a fast-changing world. It continues in 
the long publishing traditional of left political newspapers. And it 
seeks to be trend-setting for a new tradition of lively, clear, concise 
and trustworthy journalism.

	This is a volunteer effort.  The editorial core group includes 
journalists diverse in age and background.  We come from from different 
political traditions including socialism, Marxism, feminism, the gay and 
lesbian movement, environmentalism and trade unionism.  Many of us have 
extensive experience in left journalism; others are starting out fresh.  
We share a commitment to informative, non-sectarian reporting and 
analysis and we welcome diverse viewpoints.

	Politics for positive social change have to become the common 
property of everyone who has been left out, overlooked, ripped-off, 
disrespected and treated like tools to create someone else's wealth.  
It's no surprise that this turns out to be most of us.

	This is to whom we dedicate this newspaper.


Published monthly by Pacific Publishing Foundation
522 Valencia St.  San Francisco, CA 94110

Managing Editor:     Marcy Rein
Associate Editor:    Alice Sunshine
Circulation Manager: Innosanto Nagara

Editors Committee:
Brian Caulfield, Pele deLappe, Conn Hallinan, Tahan Jones, Kristi 
Laughlin, Jonathan Nack, Innosanto Nagara, Barry Shepard, John Trinkl

Carl Anderson, David Bacon, Kevin Cartwright, Rich Gerharter, Jason 
Knight, Wendy Owen, Vincent Peloso, Judy Shattuck, Nancy Snyder, Eric 

Betty Bishop, Jim Brough, Bill Chorneau, Mary Davis, Mary Engelstein, 
Larry Hobbson, Carl Hammarskjold, Ina Harris, Robin Hipolito, Jeff 
Jordan, Paul Kaplan, George McKinney, Vincent Peloso, Carl Pinkston, 
Patty Redding, Ellen Schwartz, Steve Willett

Please Address Correspondence to:
522 Valencia St.
San Francisco, CA 94110
(510) 548-3622 or fax: (510) 843-5877