Sierra Club Analysis of NAFTA
Clearcut: Gruesome Evidence

     In the Sierra Club's coffee-table book Clearcut: The
Tragedy of Industrial Forestry, the photographs are not
beautiful and glossy nature scenes, but gruesome evidence of
greed eating the earth. The images of barren hillsides and
huge swaths of dead ground covered with wheel marks
accumulate into a catalog of environmental gore. Alongside
the visceral shock of the photographs are intelligent and
fact-driven essays which not only detail destructive
industrial practices, but also outline the alternatives
necessary to live within our means. Clearcut provides ample
reason to challenge the plundering of the forestry industry
and hold the government responsible for its negligence of
the future our land.
     Clearcut: The Tragedy of Industrial Forestry, edited by
Bill Devall, is available from Sierra Club Store Orders, 730
Polk Street, San Francisco, CA 94109. Enclose $50.00, plus
$7.00 for postage and handling. California residents, please
include applicable sales tax.--Mike Greer