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Who are the hungry?

Hunger World Wide

The statistics related to world hunger and poverty are mindboggling. Below are just some of the most amazing figures:
  • Hunger continues to plague an estimated one billion people--one in five persons--around the globe. Yet the world produces more than enough food to feed everyone.
  • No famine, flood or earthquake has ever claimed the lives of 250,000 children in a single week. But malnutrition does just that every week.
  • One-third of the grain grown in the world and one-half of the fish caught are fed to animals in wealthy countries.
  • UNICEF estimates that within a decade, it should be possible to bring an end to child malnutrition, preventable disease, and widespread illiteracy. The estimated cost: $25-billion per year. This amount is significantly less than the $31-billion Americans will spend this year on beer.
  • Worldwide, 1.2 billion people live in absolute poverty.
  • The top fifth of the people on the global economic ladder enjoy 60 times the goods and services of the lower fifth.
  • Developing nations now owe the world's wealthiest countries $1.3 trillion. An estimated half-million children die each year because of the international debt crisis.
  • Poverty in America

    The 1990 census catalogued the egregious 13.1 percent poverty rate in the United States. According to the report entitled Poverty in the United: A Statistical Brief, while the situation has improved from the 13.7 rate in 1969, the eighties saw the rise from 12.4%.

    10's of Millions go hungry every day in the United States, the land of opportunity.

    Hunger has dramatically increased in the United States.

    Number of emergency food provider agencies in New York City, 1981 30 Number of emergency food provider agencies in New York City, 1987 500 Millions of Americans living in hunger, 1985 20 Millions of Americans living in hunger, 1992 30 Percentage of children in New York City who are living in poverty 40
    Information on hunger outside of the US from From the National Student News Service, November 19, 1993 Vol. 8, Issues 6 & 7 and Oxfam. Graphic from the Bureau of the Census.

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