Info about By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) and
parent sect, the Revolutionary Workers League (RWL)


Start with my this post from with many of these links and a longer first hand article on BAMN.

Check out this general info on BAMN's and the RWLís history from google
From Berkeley and Oakland experience:
* From the Berkeley student newspaper, the Daily Cal , on BAMNís 1995 attacks on other student groups (1995)
* From Daily Cal on BAMNís disruption of a rally with Jesse Jackon in 1997

* 1997 Daily Cal on allegations that BAMN stole newspaper editions critical of the group

* Letters to Daily Cal over divisive BAMN tactics

* A 1995 group letter of left and socialist groups detailing the violent tactics of BAMN & the RWL

* On BAMNís disruption in Oakland teachers union from 2001 In These Times (scroll down)

* A somewhat positive profile of BAMN activists in AsianWeek with details on othersí view of their disruption of activism in Bay Area


Michigan Experience with BAMN

* 2001 division between Black Student Union activists and BAMN (see also here)

* A 2000 criticism of BAMNís alienating tactics on campus
*  Here is a good link from Michigan with more history of problems with BAMN

More on history of violence by BAMN:

* 1996 Daily SunDial article about student opposition to violence by BAMN at Cal-State Northridge

* From 1997 LA Times coverage of the trial of BAMN activists for assaults on police at Cal State Northridge

* 1998 arrest of BAMN activists throwing rocks and bottles at an anti-Klan rally in Ann Arbor


Violence by Revolutionary Workers League, BAMNís parent organization, and its associated National Women's Rights Organizing Committee

* Violence as part of 1995 Detroit Newspaper Strike

* Description of them at anti-Klan rally and newspaper strike