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September 06, 2004

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day, everyone. This week, we are told, Democrats are supposed to be panicking about the Presidential election. Not me.

Every day, unions and their members show that it is possible to win an election against tactics like those that the Bush campaign is using. Swift Boat, Zell Miller, Dick Cheney nonsense is nothing new to those of us who have had any part in organizing campaigns. Employers, like the Bush Administration, don't want an honest discussion of the facts particularly not of the facts about economics. They rely instead on the same sorts of rhetoric that the right wing uses. "Democrats aren't good old folks like you and me, they're elitists who blah blah blah" "The union is a bunch of fatcats who just want your money and blah blah blah." "Democrats won't keep you safe from the terrorists" "The union will make you go on strike and you'll lose your job." And when the demonizing and the threats aren't doing the trick, they turn to the plain old lies.

Can these tactics work? Sometimes. But they can be countered, and countering them has been the lifeblood of labor, of the civil rights movement, and of other organized communities. It's all about organizing.

In future posts, I'll be talking specifically about developments in labor law and so forth, and I hope to be able to provide information rather than just spouting off. But for now, Happy Labor Day.

Posted by Sam Heldman at September 6, 2004 08:57 AM