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September 16, 2004

Guys Have It Tough...

Have Feminazis taken over our country? Not even close, says a new DOL study. On average, working women spend twice as much time as working men do taking care of their family and doing chores.

The average working woman, for example, spends about an hour and a half a day caring for other members of the family, the average working man barely 50 minutes. Likewise, the average working woman spends more than 1 hour 20 minutes on household chores, the average working man less than 45 minutes.

Almost as many women as men hold jobs, the Labor Department said: about 78 percent of women, compared with 85 percent of men. But two-thirds of all women said they prepared meals and did housework on an average day, compared with only 19 percent of men who said they did housework and 34 percent who said they helped with meals or cleanup.

When I was a teenager, the feminist movement was just taking off. If someone had told me that three decades later we would have made so little progress in some areas, I wouldn't have believed them. Here's hoping we don't have to wait another 30 years before we get something like equality.

Posted by RT at September 16, 2004 07:03 AM