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September 22, 2004

Say It Ain't So, Amy!

Say It Ain't So, Amy!
It seems that another once upon a time left academic, University of Pennsylvania President Amy Guttman, has joined Columbia's Ira Katznelson in the ranks of university union-busters.

When Bush's NLRB Board came down with its decision to reverse its own precedent and declare that graduate students were not employees with the right of unionization, Guttman felt compelled to express her approval of that decision in a formal statement which indicated that she would not recognize or negotiate with the Penn union, GET UP. For those who of us who read and admired her Democratic Education, in which she wrote of the positive contribution of teacher unions to education, this turn of events has to count as a bitter disappointment. If one ascends to such positions of authority in the academy only to join in the corporate mode of fighting any restrictions on the exploitation of graduate student and adjunct labor, what is the point of the whole exercise? Say it ain't so, Amy.

Posted by Leo Casey at September 22, 2004 11:34 AM