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September 30, 2004

Stripping for labor

How hard core are you? In the case of the Pension Action Group, all the way down to their birthday suits:

Hundreds of workers who have lost some or all of their company pensions will stage a demo outside the Labour conference in Brighton today to draw attention to their plight. They plan a march and a "Full Monty" striptease on the beach.

Those taking part will include employees of steel firm ASW, who lost out after the company went bust.

They will be joined by workers from car parts firm Turner & Newall, whose 1bn pension scheme looks likely to be wound up. As many as 17,500 T&N staff could lose up to 70% of their promised pensions while a further 22,000 pensioners would not receive inflation-linked rises.

"The group is protesting about the insufficient amount proposed by the government to resolve our pension robbery. We are not asking for assistance - we want the restoration of our pensions that we have paid for," said a spokesman.

Posted by RT at September 30, 2004 07:49 AM