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October 01, 2004

Election Will Decide NLRB Fate

This Labor Research Association article lays out why this election matters institutionally at the NLRB:

  • Within the next four years, 33 percent of the entire NLRB staff will be eligible for retirement, and one third of those are supervisors. Hiring and training replacements for this large group of NLRB staffers will heavily influence the fairness and quality of the agency's work for decades to come.

  • The composition of the NLRB over the next four years will also shape the agency’s position on the crucial issue of card-check recognition. The Bush-controlled NLRB has weakened this important vehicle for workers’ representation rights and is planning to review the legality of card-check recognition within the next year.

  • The 2004 presidential election will also determine the ultimate outcome of the Employee Free Choice Act, a bill co-sponsored by presidential candidate John Kerry that would protect organizing rights. The bill is opposed by Bush.
  • Posted by Nathan at October 1, 2004 07:51 AM