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October 27, 2004

SF Hotels Refuse to End Lockout

Mayor Gavin Newsom is condemning the hotels currently locking out their workers in San Francisco. He has proposed a three-month cooling off period, which the union has accepted but the hotels have rejected:

"This lockout is going to hurt the city, feed the perception that San Francisco is not open for business,'' said Newsom. "The business owners are making a bad business decision, not only for themselves but for the entire city. They are hurting San Francisco, and they are hurting their ability to succeed.''

On Monday, Newsom applied pressure to the hotels by saying he would bring no city business to the 14 hotels -- which are joined for the purpose of negotiating labor agreements with their union workers -- and he reiterated that Tuesday.

"Why would I ever sponsor a city event in 14 hotels that are attacking, from my perspective, the city and the values of the city? I would never do that,'' he said. "And I encourage others to pause and reflect. Why would we go to these hotels when we have other good hotels that are not locking out their employees and want to negotiate this (labor contract) in good faith?''

The hotels have been rejecting a two-year contract, a top priority for the union who want to begin 10-city joint negotiations in 2006 with major multinational hotel firms. The hotels claim this would lead to strikes and be"destabilizing to the San Francisco economy.'' Of course, it's hard to make that argument to the public with a straight face as th hotels prepetuate more disruption of the local economy through their lockout of workers.

The hotels are committing public relations suicide. So here's a reminder of the hotels to boycott if you happen to be going to San Francisco: Argent, Crowne Plaza, Fairmont, Four Seasons, Grand Hyatt, Hilton, Holiday Inn Civic Center, Holiday Inn Express and Suites Fisherman's Wharf, Holiday Inn at Fisherman's Wharf, Palace, Hyatt Regency, Mark Hopkins, Omni and St. Francis.

Posted by Nathan at October 27, 2004 07:58 AM