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January 18, 2005

NUP Dismantled

According to this report at the American Prospect, the unions making up the New Unity Partnership have dissolved their alliance, essentially declaring mission accomplished:

“I think it served its purpose,” [UNITE-HERE head] Raynor told the Prospect. “It sparked this great debate in the labor movement, which is what we wanted. Now, we want it to be an inclusive discussion, not an exclusive one. The list of unions calling for reform has expanded. Hopefully, the AFL-CIO now becomes the vehicle to reform the labor movement.”

...Raynor told the Prospect that he “was very encouraged by the [AFL-CIO] executive committee meeting on Monday,” January 10, at which the presidents of the Federation’s largest unions discussed the Teamsters’ and other proposals. “I was impressed with the commitment union leaders showed to making the necessary changes -- more than cosmetic changes,” he said. “There’s a growing majority for substantive change.”

Rather than let critics attack the NUP and avoid the substance of the debate, the leaders apparently decided to formally end the initiative. Whether other internal tensions between the unions was involved in the decision is unclear, but the we'll see how the internal AFL-CIO debate goes this year as to whether the NUP has a lasting legacy.

Posted by Nathan at January 18, 2005 04:36 PM