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February 15, 2005

CT Attorney General Opens Fire on Wal-Mart Deal

It emerged yesterday that most of the child labor violations in the Wal-Mart settlement with the DOL happened in Connecticut. Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is denouncing the deal and has announced that the state will have to take up the slack:

"In effect it gives the company an unusual, if not unique, amount of time to avoid or even cover up evidence in the future," Blumenthal said. "And it certainly diminishes the usefulness of any future federal investigation, which is why the state has an obligation to undertake a more proactive and aggressive role."
The message is clear. Employees can't trust the federal government now, since the feds are committed to handing their names over to management, rather than punishing the employer for abuses. So state governments have to take up the slack on enforcing labor rights, just as they've had to take up the slack on consumer protection, financial regulation and a host of other areas in the last four years.

Posted by Nathan at February 15, 2005 07:55 AM