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February 17, 2005

Organizing Blind under NLRB Elections

Imagine an election where one side knows the names, address and phone numbers of all voters, and can talk to them every day about the upcoming vote. The other side, however, gets a list of voters only a month or so before the election, supplied by the opposition, and the opposition is allowed to supply incorrect information on the voter addresses, thereby frustrating campaigning by the other side.

No, this isn't elections in some bizarre dictatorship, but union elections in Bush's America.

In a recent NLRB decision, the court upheld a union election loss, despite the fact that 87 our of 300 names supplied by the company to the union had incorrect addresses. This list of voters is known as the Excelsior list and was traditionally one of the only parts of US union election rules that prevented them from being a complete democratic farce.

But now that employers don't even have to supply accurate information on what workers will be voting in a union election, unions essentially have to organize blind.

Posted by Nathan at February 17, 2005 01:10 PM