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February 18, 2005

Newsletter Criticizing Bush Plan Censored

A federal government union newsletter denounces Bush's plan to privatize social security.

Under a union contract since 1978, the federal government is obligated to distribute the newsletter to the union's 7500 members.

The Bush administration ignores the contract and refuses to distribute the newsletter criticizing Bush.

So far par for the course censorship and illegal behavior by the administration.

But get this for hypocrisy of the nth order: the Bush administration is referring the matter to the Labor Department's inspector general for possible criminal prosecution for violating federal anti-lobbying laws. Yep, the Bush administration is horrified, yes horrified that public money might in any way be used to influence public policy.

This is of course the same administration that puts newspaper and radio columnists on payroll to push its agenda and announced plans last month to use Social Security Administration employees to convince the public that Social Security is in a crisis and needs private accounts to fix things.

This censorship of union newsletters is nothing new; in December 2002, the Bush folks blocked distribution of a newsletter with a cartoon mocking Bush's tax policies as favoring the wealthy. The union forced the department to distribute the newsletter after the union won a ruling that the government had illegally broken the union contract. So the plea that distributing the newsletter is illegal policy lobbying is the newest ploy to justify its censorship of public employees unions.

Read the whole piece at the link above. Nothing highlights the complete censorship engulfing the federal government than this suppression of even the smallest dissident voice by federal employees.

Posted by Nathan at February 18, 2005 08:59 AM