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March 16, 2005

NJ Votes Minimum Wage Boost to $7.15/hr

Even as the federal government dithers on votes to gut the national minimum wage, New Jersey has joined the dozen states that have raised their state minimum wages.

While the wage rate won't be automatically indexed to inflation, as Oregon, Washington and Florida laws require, New Jersey will set up a commission to monitor the pay rate and recommend cost-of-living increases.

Howard Dean was on hand to highlight New Jersey's actions as what national progressive policy should be:

Dean praised the Assembly for its vote earlier in the day to raise the minimum wage to $7.15 an hour by October 2006. "New Jersey will have the highest minimum wage in America in two years because of that," he said.
Actually, Dean had his facts slightly wrong, since because of inflation indexing, Washington State's minimum wage is already $7.35 and San Francisco's minimum wage is now $8.62 per hour. But hey, he gets points for being there.

Posted by Nathan at March 16, 2005 09:50 AM