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June 17, 2005

Partial Victory of LA Hotel Workers

The Los Angeles hotel workers have ratified their long-expired contracts and won a partial victory on lining up the expiration of the contract with other major cities around the country-- setting up the whole industry for a nationwide showdown next year.

Unlike the rest of the major cities whose contracts come up mid-2006, Los Angeles contracts will expire in November of next year. Which means that LA workers will be spared from job actions early in negotiations, but that gives leverage to workers in other cities to push negotiations on industry hotels, who know that if they delay resolution, the fight will only get worse when Los Angeles workers join the fight.

Hotel contracts have been negotiated city-by-city for decades; if the hotel unions are able to negotiate nationwide contracts, not only will this give them greater leverage in cities where they currently are organized, it will give them leverage to force hotel chains to agree to neutrality and card check agreements in cities where the unions are currently weak or non-existent.

Hopefully, San Francisco workers will be able to settle their contracts on similar terms.

Posted by Nathan at June 17, 2005 10:15 AM