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June 20, 2005

CAFTA and Labor Law Enforcement

The joke of the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) is that it's labor rights standards only require governments to enforce their labor laws as they exist, however pathetic those standards may be.

But to add insult to this ridiculous standard, the Bush administration proposed this year to slash $80.8 million from  the $93.2 million currently spent by the US Bureau of International Labor Affairs to investigate labor law enforcement by foreign governments. 

So a toothless set of labor standards will have equally toothless enforcement.  And the House Appropriations Committee approved this cut in the Labor Department on June 16th.  "It's a strange way to search for votes for CAFTA," Ranking Democratic David Obey noted. 

From BNA Daily Labor Report (subscription required).

Posted by Nathan at June 20, 2005 06:44 AM