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July 07, 2005

Never Too Many Blogs

Well, now that Nathan has moved on (up? over?) to bigger and better (?) things over at the TPM Cafe, I'm going to continue to squat here at his old digs for a while until someone kicks me out (Actually, Nathan gave me permission to house-sit.)
Of course, I'll continue to reside at my main home, Confined Space, and drop by here occasionally to blog and water the plants (being as no one has invited ME to blog over at the TPM cafe.)
Despite the fact that no one has invited ME to blog over at the TPM cafe, it is encouraging to note how labor blogging has grown over the past several years. When I started, back in the Spring of '03, there wasn't much there there. Nathan would blog occasionally about labor issues. rawblogXport was there, providing consistently good labor news for those who were interested, but not many others.
Now, in addition to Confined Space, we have (or had) LaborBlog, Citizen Chris, Dispatches from the Trenches, and Working Life as well as several blogs that deal with workplace safety and public health, chief among them Effect Measure, Brooklyn Dodger, Chris Mooney, GoozNews, Impact Analysis, Mine Safety Watch, SEMCOSH Blog, TCE Blog, and Workers Comp Insider to name just a few.
And now we have the House of Labor group blog over at the TPM Cafe (where, in case you hadn't noticed, they have not invited ME to blog.)
And this is all good. With the turmoil in the AFL-CIO, there is a lot more written these days about unions and "labor" in general, but not demonstrably more about actual workers and what they're facing in this country that's increasingly run by, of and for corporate America. 
So, as long as we remember what unions and the labor movement are here for, and as long as we keep reminding our friends and allies (and those who should be our friends and allies)  there can never be too many labor blogs.
-- Jordan 

Posted by Jordan Barab at July 7, 2005 06:22 PM