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September 18, 2005

Arnie Officially Declares War on Unions

Making official what everyone knew was true in the background, Schwarzenneger has made passage of the anti-union Prop. 75 part of his agenda.

Prop 75 would hobble public employee unions by forcing them to get written permission every year for political donations. Corporations of course will remain free to spend shareholder money on politics without ever getting permission.

As the article linked to emphasizes, Arnie has been the shadow presence behind the proposition from the beginning:

Schwarzenegger adviser Joel Fox took a major role in qualifying the measure for the ballot and the governor's chief strategist, Mike Murphy, has said its passage would be "great for our re-election."
Of course, none of the other propositions Arnie is backing even rate majority support in the polls. Proposition 75 had been trending towards passage, but a great irony would be if the governor's endorsement kills it.

If the attack on public unions is seen for what it is, a GOP political tactic, some of the support for the initiative from moderates who might have bought it as a "fair" chance for union members to get a yearly say over political money, will recognize that it's really a way to tilt the political balance towards completely unaccountable corporations and the GOP.

Posted by Nathan at September 18, 2005 03:38 PM