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November 03, 2005

Ho-Hum: Another 200,000 Employees Sue Wal-Mart

One measure of what an economic criminal Wal-Mart has become is how routine it is when 200,000 Missouri workers are certified for a class action against the company for illegally failing to pay them for rest breaks and forcing those employees to work off-the-clock.

While there is a long trial ahead, just getting class action status required extensive testimony by the employees, where the judge stated that the plaintiffs (from BNA Daily Labor Report, no link):

have demonstrated by compelling testimony that a Sam's Club payroll manager was trained and instructed to systematically and routinely deduct rest breaks and meal breaks from employees' daily time records, with or without verification by the employee or supervisor; [and] that unauthorized overtime pay was removed or edited from time records.
This is theft, nothing less, and yet some people offer Wal-Mart even a nod of acceptance for their consistent abuse of the law and their workers. Tasini has rightly been railing on Democratic operatives for taking money to spruce up Wal-Mart's image, and for Democratic Congressmen who voted to support the DOL-Wal-Mart dirty deal on child labor.

At this point, political collaboration with the Beast of Bentonville is no longer acceptable-- I'm withTasini. Democratic consultants working for Wal-Mart should have EVERY contract cut off from Democratic committees, and every Congressman voting with Wal-Mart should be facing primary challenges next year, especially those in safe Democratic districts like Ed Towns and Henry Cuellar -- who also went renegade on the CAFTA vote.

Posted by Nathan at November 3, 2005 07:45 AM