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November 09, 2005

Plain Dealer (Re)Writes the Sherrod Brown-Alito Story

Here is the title of the new Plain Dealer story:

Rep. Brown writes concerns about Alito on worker-rights

And in a decent length article, it now lays out the concerns workers rights advocates have about Judge Alito:

Brown's latest letter said "many important questions regarding Judge Alito's record, and the implications for America's working families, remain unanswered."

"I think Mike DeWine has had a history of rushing to support presidential appointees who have had a string of anti-worker decisions," Brown said in a phone interview.

"Alito has ruled against families on the family leave issue, has ruled against worker safety in a mine workers' issue, has ruled against minorities in an anti-discrimination case. Those are three examples of many, and I think Mike DeWine should slow down and look at this guy's dozen-plus years of pro-company, anti-worker rulings."

And no more laughing from the DeWine camp as the article contrasts these worker concerns with DeWine's rush to endorse Alito:
DeWine said immediately after a get-acquainted meeting with Alito on Nov. 1 that the federal appeals judge seemed to be within the mainstream of conservative judges and that he saw no reason so far to oppose him. He had expressed similar support for Harriet Miers until her withdrawal. DeWine said he expected to learn more about Alito before and during the confirmation hearings.

"Our staff lawyers are in the process of examining Judge Alito's entire record, and I am quite certain that these and many other issues will be raised at Judge Alito's hearings," DeWine spokesman Mike Dawson said. "That is what the hearing process is for."

As for concerns that worker rights might get short shrift, Dawson said, "There are 18 members of the Judiciary Committee that will have an opportunity to question Judge Alito on a variety of different issues."

So the DeWine's little media ploy may have backfired by generating multiple days of attention to the labor issue. Brown took a small hit on the attribution issue but DeWine gave the story legs for multiple days. If the Plain Dealer runs my letter-to-the-editor piece as promised, probably tomorrow, that will have made it a four day story on Alito's anti-worker record.

So thanks to all of you who wrote to the Plain Dealer to push for a substantive story to balance the bullshit attribution non-scandal story of the first day.

Posted by Nathan at November 9, 2005 06:16 AM