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February 05, 2003

Block Grants & Bankrupt States

Ahh-- state governments are in massive deficits and slashing spending.

What to so? Transfer more responsibility to them, as the Bush administration wants to do with aid to the poor, housing and Medicaid.

The Bush budget would also replace one of the largest federal housing programs with a block grant to states, which could redirect some of the money away from working poor people in cities. Mr. Bush said he wanted to shift money and responsibility for this and other social welfare programs, including Medicaid, to the states.
And in order to cut down on school lunches, Bush wants to mire parents in paperwork to prove their eligibility.

There is just no way around it-- Bush is just a vile hateful man who wants to hands tax cuts to the wealthy by literally taking food out of the mouths of children.

Posted by Nathan at February 5, 2003 08:41 AM

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Your article states"In fact, if Senators had voting power proportionate to their state's populations, Democrats would have a significant majority in the Senate. Assuming that each Senator got one vote for every person in their state (as of 2000), the totals would be as follows (remembering each state has two Senators):

Democratic Votes: 301.5 million
Republican Votes: 246.8 million "

Only a Democrat could round up such numbers. It must include many dead voters.

Thjere aren't over 300 million voters in the U. S.

Posted by: N R at March 12, 2003 05:02 PM

"bush is a vile and hateful man" What a shallow, deceitful, purely political and quite frankly, un-educated statement. I don't know anyone who WANTS to starve children, as your comments have indicated. Stop being jealous of the "rich", they earn their money as much as the burger-flipper. Taxes should be the same percent for everyone. Buck up and pull your weight. Stop relying on the "vile and hateful" government, and look up the term "self-responsibility". We could all use a little more of that.

Posted by: Kimbery at March 20, 2003 07:01 AM

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