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August 25, 2003

Why is Tapped Rightwing on Immigration?

It saddens me tremendously that TAPPED today has made a post that rings of almost nativistic rightwing language, following up on other similar posts in the past. The post today is campaigning against the use of the Mexican "matricula consular" cards as ID by local governments, tosses off a quick link of this to "corrupt government" in Mexico, wants to treat all immigrants as suspected terrorists (forgetting that the 911 terrorists had official IDs), and refers to the term "undocumented immigrant" as "politically correct patty-cakes."

The AFL-CIO and other workers advocates support legalization and other measures to help undocumented immigrants, yet TAPPED is squaring off against both latino and labor constituencies. They have every right to their opinion, but doing so with this kind of rhetoric and not even acknowledging the progressive arguments of their progressive friends is distressing.

Posted by Nathan at August 25, 2003 05:36 PM