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September 26, 2003

34.6 Million in Poverty

And Bush Doesn't Want You to Know

Dumping the bad news onto Friday, the Census Bureau reported that poverty rate increased and income levels declined for the second straight year.

Be clear how miserable a level poverty is as measured by the Census Bureau

  • A person living alone in 2002 was considered in poverty if income was $9,359 or less.
  • For a household of three including one child, it was $14,480.

    In most cities, it's hard to rent a room for much less than $9400 per year-- SROs often go for $600 per month -- which eats up over $7000 of income per year for a single person.

    And housing a family of three on a little more than $14,000 per year is nearly impossible in most cities.

    And 34 million people suffer under such conditions. And we give trillions in tax breaks to the very wealthy.

    Posted by Nathan at September 26, 2003 11:07 AM