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February 04, 2004

VFW Condemns Bush Budget for Veterans

The Veterans of Foreign Wars blasted Bush's budget today:

The President ignored veterans in the State of the Union Address and with today's release of his 2005 budget, it is further evident that veterans are no longer a priority with this administration," said the leader of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S., expressing dismay at the disgraceful 1.8% increase in veterans' medical care funding. "We look to Congress to reject the President's inadequate proposal and to provide a budget that fully acknowledges the debt our nation owes its veterans."
The chief complaints:
  • the budget seeks to drive veterans from the system by realigning funding, charging enrollment fees for access and more than doubling the prescription drug copayment.
  • There is only a 1.8% increase in veterans' medical care funding.
  • The administration's budget falls $2.6 billion short of what the Independent Budget recommends is needed to fully meet the demands for quality veterans' health care.
  • The Bush is the enemy of veterans is moving from a bit of irony spread around the blogosphere to being a full-blown campaign issue, especially if Kerry goes out there flanked by veterans for the campaign.

    This could get interesting :)

    Posted by Nathan at February 4, 2004 06:58 AM