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August 16, 2004

Jeb's Vote Suppression Redux

Bob Herbert has a column that tells us that we can expect the same crap from Florida as we had in 2000, probably just multiplied:

State police officers have gone into the homes of elderly black voters in Orlando and interrogated them as part of an odd "investigation" that has frightened many voters, intimidated elderly volunteers and thrown a chill over efforts to get out the black vote in November.

The officers, from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, which reports to Gov. Jeb Bush, say they are investigating allegations of voter fraud that came up during the Orlando mayoral election in March. . .

Herbert did his own followup call and got this conversation with Jeb's spokesperson:
asked if all the people interrogated were black.

"Well, mainly it was a black neighborhood we were looking at - yes,'' he said.

He also said, "Most of them were elderly."

When I asked why, he said, "That's just the people we selected out of a random sample to interview."

Convenient, that.

This is Jeb Bush directly out intimidating voters in Florida. It's ugly as hell and we all have to scream bloody murder about it.

Posted by Nathan at August 16, 2004 07:31 AM