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December 28, 2004

On Tsunamis and Thailand

Well, I struggled back to the US Sunday night after a 24-hour flight from Bangkok, only to find out that Phuket and its surrounding islands, where I had spent the early part of my vacation, had been destroyed by a Tsunami. Apparently, the streets and beaches I visited just two weeks ago are largely gone.

It's a sad and odd feeling.

It's less the sense of Oh My God I Could Have Died feeling, but rather the unreality that hotels and restaurants and beaches that seem so real in my immediate memory could be no more.

I don't usually aggressively show vacation pictures, but here's to the memory of that lost reality and the lives lost.

Here is a downtown scene from Patong on Phuket Island, taken from the room at my hotel which no doubt has been devastated:

The famous beach from the movie "The Beach", reportedly hit hard by the Tsunami:

And from the Koh Phi Phi area which was also reportedly hit hard:

Posted by Nathan at December 28, 2004 03:01 AM